Our story began in the year of 2001.
In time, an undescribable connection grew between Yogi, an Alabay class of dog that was given to us as a present and us. As we understood that he was a unique and loyal friend in line with the characteristics of his Dog show, we tried to learn all about him and with the information and experience we had, we decided to start producing dogs from this  Dog show as well as dogs from Kangal class, which are familiar to them due to their being relatives.

SMYRNA GIANTS: It was established for producing dogs from KANGAL and ALABAY Dog shows, who are our loyal friends protecting you and the family members from dangers outside, protecting areas and their herd.

We wanted all of the dog lovers to experience the unique feeling of trust which we learned from our experience with Alabay Dog show. For this reason, we got on the way for making them well known in Turkey.

From 2001 till nearly 2010, we converted from being an amateur to a professional. After 2010 by providing the required standarts, we enriched the production line and started making production.

Giants from İzmir
Alabays and Kangals, which are protective and possessive as well as being very strong in accordance with their racial characteristics, are giants for us. We wanted to find a name suiting to our story that we are dreaming to expand from İzmir to all around the world. The name we chose for this purpose is Symrna Giants.